At the origins of the Malagasy accounting system, which prospects for Madagascar?


  • Hariniaina ANDRIANIRINASOA University of Toamasina
  • Saholiarimanana ANDRIANALY Université of Antananarivo


Accounting systems, Heritage, Development, Madagascar


Whatever the periods crossed by companies, of different sizes and from various horizons, accounting systems were used as management tools. Only, the most effective devices will certainly be those that meet the needs of the moment and accepted by their users. If companies are unanimously recognized as being the engine of development and that accounting also holds its place there, how to explain the weak development of Madagascar in a context of globalization? The objective of this manuscript is to prove that the current Malagasy accounting systems were inherited from an era already over, as much inaccessible than obsolete for Malagasy companies. The methods used in this work consisted in combing the filed past and questioning the present with a hypothetical-deductive approach. It was also necessary to start from the recent documents on Malagasy accounting to go up them in time in order to be confronted there. As for the three results of this work, the first succeeds in demonstrating that the used accounting methods in Madagascar were mainly inherited from accounting practices

of the 19th century. As for the second result, we found that the plagiarized methods somehow suited the identified context of yesteryear. Finally, the current accounting system is torn between the past and the present so that it pains to evolve at the expense of the Malagasy companies. So, how can we not deny the accounting legacy while joining again with the present and the future?


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